Welcome to the next chapter of your Korean language journey!

Building on the foundation you've already laid, we offer interactive sessions that focus on essential language skills such as reading, writing, speaking, listening, and grammar.
You'll receive personalized attention and guidance from our instructor, ensuring your progress and success.

Is this course a fit? See if you:

are already able to read Korean
have a basic understanding of Korean verbs and sentence structure
are ready to study essential grammar points and build your own sentences
want to practice dynamic conversations in a safe and encouraging environment
need a class book as well as note-taking slides that you can follow along during class because you grasp the information better that way
plan to visit Korea so need to learn practical, authentic, and commonly used Korean phrases in order to communicate
are in need of feedback from a friendly certified language teacher/native speaker rather than practicing in isolation

Class Schedule:


  · Frequency: Weekly
  · Class Duration: 2 hours per session
  · Class Flexibility: Live class times don’t fit your schedule? Don’t worry! Simply watch the recordings we provide after each class! Go at your own speed with lifetime access to recorded classes and extras!
(The live class schedule may vary each month. So feel free to join the waitlist to get future updates on class openings and secure your spot in line!)

Over 5 Interactive classes, we’ll guide you in:

Week 1

Present Tense (Regular)
Particles Part 1 (와/과, 랑/이랑, 하고)
Speaking: Getting Around

Week 2

Present Tense (Irregular)
Particles Part 2 (의)
Forming Negations

Week 3

Past Tense
Particles Part 3 (에서, 부터, 까지)
Speaking: Buying Tickets

Week 4

Future Tense
Particles Part 4 (에, 에서)
Listening Practice with K-dramas

Week 5

Forming Questions
Speaking: Emergency
Listening Practice with K-dramas

Total Investment:

$699 ---> $389 + fee

* Spots are limited. Registration will close once all spots are filled!

* Payments referred to herein shall not be refundable.


1. Is prior knowledge of the Korean language required for the beginner course?

You’re welcome to sign up if you can read Korean, even if it's at a slow pace. A basic understanding of the Korean verb structure (the concept of the verb stem) is also required.

2. What materials will I need for the course?

Our courses provide a list of required materials, such as textbook PDF and other downloadable resources.

3. How long is the class?

Each session is 2 hours. (Total class hour is 10 hours for the entire course.)

4. Are live classes mandatory? Is there flexibility in the schedule for those in different time zones?

If live class times don’t fit your schedule, you can simply watch the recordings we provide after each class. Go at your own speed with lifetime access to recorded classes and extras!

5. Do we have homework?

Yes, you will receive about 1-2 hours worth of homework after each lesson. These weekly assignments allow you to reinforce key concepts taught in class and come prepared with any clarification questions to the next live meeting.

6. Are there opportunities for speaking practice and feedback on pronunciation?

Yes! We offer a unique learning experience with personalized feedback on speaking recording assignments, ensuring you refine your pronunciation and fluency. Additionally, we enrich our classes with K-drama and K-pop listening practice, immersing you in authentic language contexts.

7. Are there additional costs beyond the course fee, such as textbooks or supplementary materials?

No, there are no additional costs beyond the course fee. The course fee covers all materials, including textbooks and supplementary resources.

8. Can I interact directly with the instructor for questions or clarification?

Yes, you can actively interact with the instructor during live classes, and we wholeheartedly welcome any questions or requests for clarification. Additionally, our Google Classroom platform provides a dedicated space for unlimited private Q&A sessions. This ensures that you have ample opportunities for personalized communication with the instructor, creating a supportive and responsive learning environment tailored to your needs.

* Spots are limited. Registration will close once all spots are filled!

* Payments referred to herein shall not be refundable.

Finally someone who explains Korean in a way that makes sense! I wasn't making much progress by studying on my own, but her classes not only provide knowledge but also confidence to speak Korean. I already miss Jin, the best teacher, and lovely classmates.


Take this course if you want to expedite your Korean learning! I was amazed with how much was learned in just 5 weeks. She is willing to answer any and all questions during and after class, through which I could gain further and more detailed knowledge. Can't wait to travel to Korea and use what I've learned!


I'd been learning with apps and free online resources for a year, and this course honestly taught me a lot more. Not only do you learn important grammar endings and new words, but also you get to actually use them within certain contexts that Jin provides, which is extremely helpful to me to remember them.


Loved the learning environment created by Jin. Her classroom is always welcoming and safe where everyone can participate, especially in speaking practice, with no fear or inhibition. I loved her energy, passion, and patience as a language educator!


I thought learning Korean was difficult, but she made it simple and easy to understand. Some Korean culture she explains here and there during class in association with the language is pretty entertaining to learn as well.


Jin is a gifted and amazing teacher and I wish I would have had a teacher like her back in school. I would have totally enjoyed school a lot more and nailed all the tests ;)