Learn from the best- Korean fluency awaits!

  “I went from barely reading Korean to conversing during my visit to Seoul, thanks to the course.”
  Expect RAPID yet REMARKABLE results in just 5 weeks from our VALUE-PACKED course.

Is this course a fit? See if you:

are determined to start learning Korean
have been studying on your own but not making progress
want to learn authentic real-life expressions rather than textbook phrases
need a class book as well as note-taking slides that you can follow along during class because you grasp the information better that way
do NOT want to waste any time puzzling over any difficulty while studying Korean alone
would like to join a group of motivated classmates to liven up your study sessions
are in need of a friendly certified language teacher/native speaker rather than practicing in isolation
(We welcome all the passionate rookies!)

Class Schedule:


  · Frequency: Weekly
  · Class Duration: 2 hours per session
  · Class Flexibility: Live class times don’t fit your schedule? Don’t worry! Simply watch the recordings we provide after each class! Go at your own speed with lifetime access to recorded classes and extras!
(The live class schedule may vary each month. So feel free to join the waitlist to get future updates on class openings and secure your spot in line!)

Over 5 interactive classes, we’ll guide you in:

Week 1

1. Basic Consonants and Vowels: In Week 1, we'll start with the fundamental building blocks of the Korean language: consonants and vowels. You'll learn how to pronounce and write these basic sounds, which are essential for forming syllables and words in Korean.
2. How to Make a Syllable: Building on your understanding of consonants and vowels, you'll discover how to combine them to create syllables in Korean. Understanding syllable construction is crucial for reading, writing, and speaking Korean fluently.
3. Basic Essential Phrases Part 1: You'll begin learning essential phrases and expressions that are commonly used in everyday Korean conversations. These phrases will lay the foundation for basic communication.

Week 2

1. Double Consonants: Week 2 introduces double consonants, which are unique to the Korean language. You'll learn how to distinguish and pronounce these special consonant sounds.
2. Batchim: Batchim refers to the final consonant in a Korean syllable. You'll explore batchim and its various pronunciation rules, which are essential for proper Korean pronunciation.
3. Sino Numbers Part 1: Sino Korean numbers are based on Chinese characters and are used for counting in Korean. You'll learn how to read and pronounce these numbers, as well as their usage in everyday situations.
4. "Be" Verbs: "Be" verbs are used to indicate existence or identity. Mastering these verbs is crucial for constructing basic sentences and expressing various ideas.
5. Self Introduction in Korean: Putting your new knowledge into practice, you'll learn how to introduce yourself confidently in Korean. We'll practice how to share basic information about yourself.

Week 3

1. Double Vowels: Week 3 covers double vowels in Korean. You'll learn how to recognize and pronounce these special vowel combinations, which occur frequently in Korean words.
2. Sino Numbers Part 2 (Dates, Phone Numbers, and Money): You'll learn how to communicate dates, phone numbers, and currency in Korean. Understanding these numerical expressions is essential for daily communication and travel.
3. Verb Conjugation (Present Tense): Week 3 focuses on verb conjugation in the present tense. You'll learn how to conjugate basic verbs and practice using them in context.
4. 15 Must-Know Verbs: Mastering these basic verbs will greatly expand your ability to express yourself and communicate effectively in Korean.
5. Shopping Phrases: You’ll practice conversational Korean in a shop setting, learning how to ask for and purchase items, negotiate prices, and engage in typical shop interactions.

Week 4

1. Basic Essential Phrases Part 2 (Listening Practice included): You'll expand your repertoire of essential Korean expressions. We'll also enhance our listening skills by watching short clips from Korean dramas and other variety shows featuring essential phrases.
2. Native Numbers Part 1: You'll learn how to read and pronounce native numbers and use them appropriately in different contexts.
3. Sentence Structure: Understanding basic word order is essential for constructing grammatically correct sentences and expressing your own ideas clearly.
4. Object Particles: Particles play a crucial role in Korean sentence structure and grammar. They are small words that attach to nouns and indicate their relationship to other parts of the sentence. We’ll start with object particles.
5. Travel Phrases: You'll practice conversational Korean in “everyday street scenarios”, such as asking for directions, talking to a taxi driver, asking for photos, etc.

Week 5

1. Pronunciation Rules: We'll cover the rules and guidelines for pronouncing some confusing Korean words accurately. Understanding these pronunciation rules is crucial for speaking Korean clearly and being understood by others.
2. Topic Particles and Subject Particles: You'll learn about topic and subject particles and how they can be used in different contexts.
3. Sino Numbers Part 2 (Age and Time): You'll learn how to talk about age and tell time in Korean. These expressions are essential for discussing personal information, making reservations, etc.
4. Restaurant Phrases: You'll learn how to order food, ask about menu items, request modifications, and interact with restaurant staff.

Each week's learning objectives are carefully designed to progressively build your skills and confidence in speaking, reading, writing, and understanding Korean.

By the end of the course, you'll have acquired a solid foundation in the Korean language and be well-equipped to continue your language journey with confidence!

Total Investment:

$699 ---> $389 + fee

* Spots are limited. Registration will close once all spots are filled!

* Payments referred to herein shall not be refundable.


1. Is prior knowledge of the Korean language required for the beginner course?

No. This course is designed for those with little or no prior knowledge in Korean.

2. What materials will I need for the course?

Our courses provide a list of required materials, such as textbook PDF and other downloadable resources.

3. How long is the class?

Each session is 2 hours. (Total class hour is 10 hours for the entire course.)

4. Are live classes mandatory? Is there flexibility in the schedule for those in different time zones?

If live class times don’t fit your schedule, you can simply watch the recordings we provide after each class. Go at your own speed with lifetime access to recorded classes and extras!

5. Do we have homework?

Yes, you will receive about 1-2 hours worth of homework after each lesson. These weekly assignments allow you to reinforce key concepts taught in class and come prepared with any clarification questions to the next live meeting.

6. Are there opportunities for speaking practice and feedback on pronunciation?

Yes! We offer a unique learning experience with personalized feedback on speaking recording assignments, ensuring you refine your pronunciation and fluency. Additionally, we enrich our classes with K-drama and K-pop listening practice, immersing you in authentic language contexts.

7. Are there additional costs beyond the course fee, such as textbooks or supplementary materials?

No, there are no additional costs beyond the course fee. The course fee covers all materials, including textbooks and supplementary resources.

8. Can I interact directly with the instructor for questions or clarification?

Yes, you can actively interact with the instructor during live classes, and we wholeheartedly welcome any questions or requests for clarification. Additionally, our Google Classroom platform provides a dedicated space for unlimited private Q&A sessions. This ensures that you have ample opportunities for personalized communication with the instructor, creating a supportive and responsive learning environment tailored to your needs.

* Spots are limited. Registration will close once all spots are filled!

* Payments referred to herein shall not be refundable.

Learning Korean has never been easier! is all I can say. With teacher Jin, you seriously have all the guidance you need as a beginner Korean learner. I loved everything about her class: her teaching style, kindness and patience, high-quality course book, personalized and detailed feedback, everything. I highly recommend her class to anyone interested in learning Korean!


Great starter course! I was a complete beginner and this was a great intro to the mysterious world of the Korean language. Only after the first class, I was immediately able to read Korean and hear some phrases from K-dramas. Something that seemed so foreign was made extremely simple and clear and it was amazing.


Every class was like a meet up with friends who share the same interests and help and motivate one another. All of Jin's classes were fun, cheerful, enthusiastic, and VERY informative. It's honestly been an amazing time and I can't wait to learn further in the upper class!


Pleasant, encouraging, patient way of teaching. Jin is very thorough and explains things at a perfect pace. She also politely asks for participation and is not critical if a student does not understand fully. She corrects in a polite and constructive way.


Attending this course was an amazing experience. Each class and weekly homework is very well organised and presented impeccably. I especially loved the private, detailed, and very invaluable feedback Jin gave every week about my pronunciation. Thank you again Jin!


10/10. Learning Korean was so much fun with Jin and I honestly learned a lot more than I was expecting. I had to miss one live session but loved that she provides class recordings so I can catch up. Thank you Jin for your dedication. 100% recommend!