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Do these sound familiar to you?

Struggles over!
Take the simplest route
to the essentials.

From confusion to clarity!   These creative guides explain things in a simple way. Forget about cracking open a scary textbook. This book walks you through step-by-step, making Korean grammar way more understandable.

This book gives you just what you need to know - no fluff!   Say GOODBYE to long and wordy paragraphs! Let’s keep it straightforward. It directly provides the core grammar knowledge without overwhelming you.

15-30 pages worth of knowledge in just 1-3 pictures.   Your time is precious. That’s why I have made these “condensed down” grammar concept maps. They will help you organize and understand complex ideas MUCH MORE QUICKLY!

Engage with the clarity and ingenuity of our unique approach.  My clever visual guides use lots of tables, colors, and charts to show how Korean grammar works effectively. You’ll be captivated by how things are explained and presented in a unique way.

Enjoy various features built into the main book and a "complete skill booster kit"!  Written explanations? Got ‘em. Visual concept maps? Yup. Example sentences, conjugation charts, and practice quizzes? Those too. Vocabulary list and romanization support? Check and check! Mix and match what works for your personal study style!


This book comes with a
complete skill booster kit!
(3 extra volumes)

Improve your understanding of Korean grammar by practicing what you learn!  Use this special workbook to reinforce your knowledge. Apply what you've learned and strengthen your understanding of important ideas.  This hands-on method will make learning more enjoyable and effective!  (61 pages)

In this book, you will find the idea maps that we made.   These maps compile the main points from each chapter into just 1-3 pictures. (Chapter 3 excluded) They provide another way to study and summarize Korean grammar, ensuring that the key points are organized and viewed from a broader perspective.   (18 pages)

All Korean words from the textbook are compiled in lists in this book for reference. You can conveniently look up the vocabulary without flipping back through the textbook!   There are also blank vocabulary tables that can be used as worksheets to practice the words yourself!  (41 pages)

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Every detail is purposefully included to make sure you focus on what's essential, avoiding any time wasted on less useful information.  Simple example sentences will assist you in concentrating on the grammar points.

Jin Lee  Length
154 pages  Book Type
Digital PDF
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Korean learners of any level, who need clarity on basic and essential grammar rules  Language
English  Price
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Can I print out these ebooks?

Absolutely! Print as many copies as you want to maximize your reviewing. Enjoy unlimited physical copies to use anywhere as handy references or to redo exercises!

What devices can I access the ebooks on?

You can open our ebooks on ANY DEVICE OR APP that supports PDFs - phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, etc. You don’t need any specialized ebook apps or readers. Enjoy the total flexibility!

Can I take digital notes directly on the ebooks?

Yes, if you have a compatible tablet and stylus, you can write on the ebooks. You can freely highlight, underline, and scribble notes. (I use apps like Goodnotes.)

I printed out the diagrams and charts, and having them right in front of me makes reviewing the material a breeze. The clear presentation has really helped the grammar concepts stick in my mind.


As someone who has struggled with distinguishing between the Korean particles before, this book finally gave me that 'aha' moment. The way it breaks down the differences of 은 는 and 이가 is brilliant. The rest of the grammar is also explained in a very understandable way.


As a person who took Jin's Korean classes, I knew this book would be great. The explanations are clear and use the same straightforward examples that made Jin's lessons so effective. It feels like having a personal tutor guide me through each concept again!


Reading Korean has always been a challenge for me. This ebook's inclusion of the romanized text alongside the Hangul has been a game-changer. I can now focus on absorbing the grammar without getting tripped up by the script.


Korean grammar used to seem so daunting to me as a beginner. But this book makes it all approachable with its simple, straightforward teaching method.


I love it! The explanations are clear and easy to follow, making even the complex grammar concepts understandable. It's boosted my confidence in speaking and writing Korean.


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