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Hi, I’m Jin!

I was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. After graduating with a major in Education, I obtained my National Teaching Certificate from the Korean Ministry of Education. I later augmented my teaching skills by completing the In-Service Certificate in Language Teaching (ICELT) from Cambridge University.

Currently residing on the scenic island of Jeju, I retain close hometown bonds while embracing new vantage points on Korean language and culture.

In addition to teaching for 10 years in Korea, United States, and online, I now run social media platforms for Korean language learners worldwide. My online group classes are acclaimed for their engaging format and remarkable effectiveness.

My mission is to not only impart fluency, but ignite genuine passion for the beauty of Korea. I deliver resources that make learning Korean enjoyable. Are you excited to see how you can grow through this language challenge? I'm so happy to take this trip with you. We will learn much more than just new words. Together we will open our minds to new ideas. I want to fill our time with good energy as we find out what's possible. Where we end up may surprise us both in wonderful ways!

  • BA in Education
  • Korean Teacher | California, USA
  • National Teaching Certificate by Korean Ministry of Education
  • ICELT (In-Service Certificate in Language Teaching) by Cambridge University Examinations